Franziska Giffey abends am SchreibtischSPD Berlin

Vote SPD!

Berlin has succeeded in making a new start after the pandemic. Now we need to make sure that this positive development isn’t lost. With our current mayor, Franziska Giffey, Berlin will be able to maintain a good course to see us through the crisis. On 12.02.: Vote SPD!


Berlin relief package

We want everyone to get through the crisis in good shape – no one will be left behind! 

  1. The 29-euro ticket for Berlin is providing tangible relief. We want to introduce it as a long-term measure to complement the 49-euro ticket which will be valid nationwide.
  2. We have ensured that the state’s own housing associations will not increase their rents in 2023. 
  3. The Berlin “Hardship Fund for Energy Debts” ensures that all citizens of Berlin will get through the autumn and winter in good shape. 
  4. The “Network of Warmth” links up places where people can meet up and enjoy social interaction – so that no one has to be alone. 
  5. With our “Cashflow Assistance for Energy”, we are providing EUR 100 million for companies in Berlin, thereby supporting Berlin’s economy through the energy crisis and ensuring that jobs are retained. 
  6. Social institutions are being given help with their energy bills so that they can continue to provide their counselling and support services. 



From 2 January 2023, you will automatically receive your election notification by post.


You will find a QR code on the back of your election notification. You can use it to apply for the postal vote electronically. You can also do this by e-mail or by post using the application on the notification.

From 2.1.2023, early voting is also possible at the district electoral office. An identity card is sufficient for this purpose.


The election office will send you the polling card (Wahlschein), the ballot papers (Stimmzettel) and the return envelope by post.


Make a total of 3 crosses: one for the first vote, one for the second vote and one for the district vote.

Find out about the SPD candidates for the elections to the House of Representatives and the district elections.


Put the ballot paper and the polling card separately in the return envelope and post your letter in good time.

All votes for the SPD!